Practical Guides on Social Franchising

The Social Franchising Manual:

Social Impact:

Social Franchising Networks and Organisations

International Centre for Social Franchising:

European Social Franchising Network:

Social Enterprise UK:

Social Innovation Europe:

Reports and Papers on Social Franchising

Social Franchising: a mechanism for scaling up to meet social need:

Financing Social Franchising Growth:

Social Innovation Exchange on Social Franchising:

Social Franchising Evaluations: A Scoping Review:

Report on key barriers to social enterprises scaling up:

The Guardian - Social Franchising Speeds up the Development of Cooperatives

Belfast Telegraph - Boost to Social Enterprises could create hundreds of jobs

Spinning out from councils and specific growth:

Social Franchising for Health:

Social Franchising to Improve Quality and Access in Private Health Care in Developing Countries

Case Studies

Working paper on scaling up approaches (looks in detail at London Early Years Foundation):

In depth case studies of a number of established Social Franchises in Europe:

Le Mat (can also be found in the list of case studies at the link above):

A successful Social Franchise - The School for Social Entrepreneurs:

Social organisations that have achieved scale:


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